What if you could understand
the non-conversion sales root causes?

Data Capture

There is a clear need to improve the quality of the data currently captured about audiences visiting retail stores.

Product Performance

Brands should continuously understand the potential performance of their products and services, in real-time, by tracking audience – not just customer – feedback.

Staff Engagement

Identify the potential strength and weaknesses of each member of the retail team in order to customize training and coaching to each person’s specific needs.

The Pain

75% of the footfall are John and Jane Doe – that means the bases of Marketing, Training, Operations, Strategies are made on 25% of your converted footfall.

The Gain

What if you could identify 100% of the Audience?

// Make sure that the working shifts or your staff were based on success rate of the various combination of staff?

// Know that the Russian speaker visitors tend to convert better when they use the fitting room while the UAE nationals won’t?

// Improve understanding on why some visitors do not convert?

// Know the individual conversion rate of your sales associates?

The Solution


DynaLux unveils customer’s data into a dashboard view of each boutique.

 Team Shift Optimization

 Marketing audiences

 Training requirements

 Browsing behavior

 Product missed sales


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